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pirates and dungeons and mushrooms and feet and coral and seafishes and stars and blue eggs and megatron and trees and tomatoes and pineapples and bruises and purples and pandas and santas and blades and buckles and shoes and pears and truffles and candy and bears and johns and jacobs and joes and jobs and hair and nails and smells and jails and plips and drops under umbrella tops and clips and dirt and sand and wind and rain and castles and sheep and fences and crap and dawn and fields and corn and sap and cheese and milk and sour apples and joons and jangles and plu dooble jaybles and pop-tarts and sangwiches and mummies and toast and heirlooms and bobs and granite and rocks and rice and roosters and darkness and wheels and circles and planes and cars and trains and bars and high-heels and turn-tables and lazy-susans and far fig-newtons and plums and chairs and underwears and blasts and booms and eminent doom and tea and brooms and witches and elevators and alligators and crocodiles and flamingos and hewhackles and dr jackel and moons and planets and everything else that glitters and barks and hops and leaps and breathes and speaks up and out and loud and rises into the hot honey-claire air under the blistering and baking and wasting sun.


Leave a comment to be added. Simple, right?


Common sense, really.

Okay people, you can't just friend me and expect me to friend you back if you don't even leave a fucking comment telling me who the fuck you are and why the fuck you're friending me.

It takes two fucking seconds to say, "Hey, it's So-and-so! I made a LJ, you should friend me back!" Because, seriously? I'm not fucking psychic. I don't know who you are by your username or your goth/emo/scene/cryptic profile, SO LEAVE ME A FUCKING MESSAGE. FUCK.

Oh, yeah, if I don't friend you back? That means I don't want you reading my LJ, so kindly defriend me and get the fuck off my profile page.

Tired of anonymity,

[EDIT MAY 5, TUESDAY, 11:36PM]: Of course, any and all people that I have personally gone to and asked to be friends are exempt from this angry outburst. *curtsies*

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