RBG - Ghostmobile

Common sense, really.

Okay people, you can't just friend me and expect me to friend you back if you don't even leave a fucking comment telling me who the fuck you are and why the fuck you're friending me.

It takes two fucking seconds to say, "Hey, it's So-and-so! I made a LJ, you should friend me back!" Because, seriously? I'm not fucking psychic. I don't know who you are by your username or your goth/emo/scene/cryptic profile, SO LEAVE ME A FUCKING MESSAGE. FUCK.

Oh, yeah, if I don't friend you back? That means I don't want you reading my LJ, so kindly defriend me and get the fuck off my profile page.

Tired of anonymity,

[EDIT MAY 5, TUESDAY, 11:36PM]: Of course, any and all people that I have personally gone to and asked to be friends are exempt from this angry outburst. *curtsies*